Tuesday, August 20, 2013

{Engaged} Gillian & Ryan

I am so lucky to frequently have couples that just feel like they're old friends I've known forever during a session, and Gillian and Ryan are absolutely one of those couples.  I knew they would be great to work with when the fact that our morning was full of a constant drizzle didn't phase them in the least.  We made the most of the weather and still managed to get some great pictures!

We started the morning out in the open  by the WWII Memorial, and then worked our way up to Lincoln and later over to the GW campus in Foggy Bottom.

I've always loved how the trees arch over the path along the reflecting pool.

Gillian and Ryan met as freshmen at George Washington University, so we stopped by the campus to relive some their early memories, and I was treated to some amazing tales of their college antics. 

These two pictures really showcase the personality of this couple.  Laughter was definitely a theme of the morning, and what engagement session would be complete without the riding of a hippo.

Gillian was a tour guide during her GW days, and apparently there is an alternative story as to how the hippo statue came about, but I'll leave that for her to share.

 Thanks for sharing such a fun morning with me guys, you definitely gave my abs a workout with the jokes and stories!  Congratulations and have a wonderful wedding!

Monday, August 19, 2013

{Engaged} Erika & Jude

Another Saturday and another stunning couple, I am so lucky!  Erika and Jude are one of those couples that are clearly meant to be together.  They actually grew up half a mile from each other, however they never met until they both moved to the DC area.  From that moment on they've been together.  These two are a blast to hang out with and I can easily see why they work together so well.

Jude has some of the bluest eyes I've ever seen, it's no wonder Erika fell for him instantly.

 I think this is one of the sweetest pictures I've ever taken, it's a little preview of growing old together.

When they finally met it happened at a holiday event at the Air and Space Museum, so of course we had to stop by to reminisce.

Congratulations on your engagement Erika & Jude!  
I know your wedding be full of love and happiness!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

{Anniversary} Jessica & Mike

Variety was the theme of the morning for Jessica and Mike's 1st anniversary photo shoot, and I think we managed to capture it.  We started the day at the Capitol and outside the National Botanical Gardens, then moved up to Constitution Garden, and finally ended the session at the Georgetown waterfront.

Even after a year of marriage, these two still seem like newly weds who got married last week.  I had so much fun hearing about their wedding and the things they love to do together.

I just love catching the early morning light like this, it has such a romantic feeling. 

Happy anniversary Jessica & Mike!  
And here's to many more happy anniversaries to come!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

{Proposal} Kylie & Nathan

She said YES!
You may remember Kylie and Nathan from their mini session here.  Last week Nathan sent me an email letting me know he was planning to propose to Kylie and he really wanted to be able to catch the moment on the camera, of course I was all in for this plan!  We met up  a few days in advance and scoped out his chosen location, Founders Park in Alexandria.  We picked out a lovely spot by the water for Nathan to lead Kylie to, that would still have light shining from the setting sun.  When the time came Nathan did an excellent job getting Kylie right in position.

Once she realized I was there taking pictures, she kept saying she couldn't believe the whole thing was real. 

I think we can all agree Nathan did a great job!

After the proposal there was still one surprise left, Nathan had both of their families come in town to celebrate the happy occasion together.

Congratulations Kylie and Nathan!
Thank you so much for having me there to capture this special event.
Enjoy this moment and have fun with all of the planning!