Thursday, February 28, 2013

{Family} Emily & Molly

I'm originally from Missouri, and my family still lives there.  Unfortunately I don't get to vist them more than once a year, so when I do get there I'm sure to spend as much time as possible with the two cutest girls I know, my nieces Emily and Molly.  Schedules worked out so that I was able to visit over the holidays this past year, and of course my camera was constantly in use.  

{Emily is the oldest, Molly the youngest}
These two stole our hearts the days they were born, and they have certainly figured out how to wrap their uncle Matt around their fingers.

{He never stood a chance}

{This girl is beyond serious about her swings}

 I actually saved this post specifically for today because little miss Molly happens to be turning 5 today!  It's unbelievable how big she has gotten and the independent personality she has developed over the past 5 years.  I'm so excited to see the person she'll grow into, but for now I'm going to cherish this little face as it is.  

Happy Birthday Molly! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

{Family} Megan, Paul, & Rhys

Megan and I met a few years ago through a mutual friend, and let me say she is a lot of fun.  She is the only person to ever get me to sing karaoke, quite a feat.  When she and her husband Paul welcomed their first child I was so excited to eventually meet him.  It took 6 months, but finally we got together for a family photo session a few weeks ago.  With the cold weather it wasn't safe to keep little Rhys outside for photos so we needed an indoor location.  Megan and Paul are both wonderfully creative people, so it was only natural that we chose the National Gallery of Art.  On the modern art side of the museum we found lots of big windows letting in beautiful light.  I will be honest, there was some concern that the security guards would end our session early, but Rhys easily charmed them with his bright blue eyes and big smile, some even offered to help us.  I'm wrapping up the editing on their photos, so this is a sneak peak even for them.

He loved this flying pose, it was the easiest way to get a smile.

Beautiful eyes clearly run in this family.

I had so much fun with this family, I can't wait for future sessions!

Monday, February 18, 2013

{Married} Joelle & Aaron

Joelle and Aaron wanted to keep their wedding small and personal.  Friends and family contributed their talents, from decorating and singing to cooking, to make their day special and unique.  I was privileged to do double duty as both a bridesmaid and the photographer.  I am so happy to have helped preserve this beautiful day for them.

{Aaron's sister helped with Joelle's make-up}

Despite being spread across the country, many friends helped with making paper cranes to string across the backyard venue.

The gold flowers worn by the bride and bridesmaids were handcrafted by Joelle's friend Shawna.

A special moment between the bride and maid of honor.

The father of the bride sharing a special dance with his daughter.

The mother of the bride helped get the party started.

Congratulations Joelle and Aaron!  You have a long and happy life together ahead of you!

{Engaged} Esther & Matt

Esther and I went to grad school together, and I was thrilled when she asked if I would do an engagement session for her and Matt this past fall.  They are getting married in Esther's home state, but wanted some pictures to represent the life they have here in DC.  We started at Eastern Market, one of their favorite spots, it was an early morning to beat the crowds but it was worth it.

After walking around Eastern Market we started heading towards the Capitol, finding lots of interesting places to pause along the way.

{Esther and Matt are avid book readers, so this pictures truly captures their personalities}