Sunday, April 14, 2013

{Engaged} Melissa & Nick

Melissa and Nick are one of those couples that just seem like they were made for each other.  They've traveled and been on amazing adventures together, including living abroad in Prague for a year, but they are also perfectly happy spending a lazy Sunday at home.  I was so happy to finally make our session happen, we kept trying to schedule to coincide with the Cherry Blossoms, but eventually we just decided to go for it peak bloom or not.  Luckily we got a beautiful day for our walk around DC.   

There was a corner of the FDR memorial with one tree in full bloom, and the branches were hanging  down to create a perfect backdrop.

Before deciding to have their wedding in Prague, Melissa and Nick considered hosting it at the Jefferson Memorial, a favorite of theirs.

 What is more DC than a metro ride?  We even managed to get an almost empty train car.

Nick really wanted a Darth Vadar picture, but watch out Nick, it looks like the force is strong with Melissa. 

These lamp posts by the Capitol are almost exactly the same as the motif for their wedding.

We capped off a wonderful morning by walking through Eastern Market, followed by a fantastic brunch at Cava.  Congratulations Melissa and Nick, I know your wedding will absolutely amazing!

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  1. Amazing couple Melissa is beautiful and Nick. Very good looking
    Can't wait for the wedding
    Congratulations Melissa &Nick
    What a great pictures
    Elisa Hough