Thursday, February 28, 2013

{Family} Emily & Molly

I'm originally from Missouri, and my family still lives there.  Unfortunately I don't get to vist them more than once a year, so when I do get there I'm sure to spend as much time as possible with the two cutest girls I know, my nieces Emily and Molly.  Schedules worked out so that I was able to visit over the holidays this past year, and of course my camera was constantly in use.  

{Emily is the oldest, Molly the youngest}
These two stole our hearts the days they were born, and they have certainly figured out how to wrap their uncle Matt around their fingers.

{He never stood a chance}

{This girl is beyond serious about her swings}

 I actually saved this post specifically for today because little miss Molly happens to be turning 5 today!  It's unbelievable how big she has gotten and the independent personality she has developed over the past 5 years.  I'm so excited to see the person she'll grow into, but for now I'm going to cherish this little face as it is.  

Happy Birthday Molly! 

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