Saturday, June 22, 2013

{Engaged} Amanda & Alex

I really am the luckiest photographer! I swear I get all of the greatest couples, and Amanda and Alex are no exception. Such a beautiful couple, both inside and out. 

Amanda and Alex each lived in Georgetown when they first came to DC and began dating, so it is a special area of the city for the two of them, and served as the perfect backdrop.  We had a wonderful Saturday morning wandering along the canal, M street, Book Hill park, and Dumbarton Park.

 We were so lucky to catch M street at a rare quiet time.

These two just radiate their love for each other, and they are constantly making each other laugh.

I think it should be a rule that if you're doing a photo session and come across a swing set, you must hop on for a few pictures.

Congratulations on your engagement Amanda and Alex!  You will have an amazing wedding I'm sure!

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